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Health assessments for seniors at home. Providing you with peace of mind, near or far.

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Bringing improved health outcomes to seniors who live at home is a huge concern in Canada currently and will remain so for years. Many young adults move west to pursue careers in larger commerce centres, then start families, and eventually have aging parents back home about whom they worry. Seniors tend to want to stay in their own home as long as possible, and wait lists for assisted living are years long. This increases the need for safeguarding the independence, health and safety of the elderly.

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Mission Statement

Vital Signs Nurse Consulting provides peace of mind for families of seniors living at home by assessing and reporting on various indicators of health and well-being.
“Wherever nurses work closely with patients and other health providers, they administer a high degree of care that keeps Nova Scotians well, helps reduce urgent care visits, and allows patients to stay in their homes longer and healthier.”

your nurse

Tiana McCallum has 30 years’ experience in the fields of nursing and education, much of it in the important field of health promotion. Her background encompasses many aspects of health care: training, counselling, education, management, medical/surgical care and telephone triage.
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  • Falls Risk Screening and Algorithm
  • Clinical Frailty Scale
  • Pain Assessment Tool
  • Braden Scale
  • Geriatric Depression Scale
  • Vital signs: blood pressure, pulse, temperature, O2 saturation
  • Medication review
  • Foot Check for Diabetes
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Loneliness Scale

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