Vital Signs

Nurse Consulting


Vital Signs Nurse Consulting is the first assessment-based, RN-led home care service in Nova Scotia. It is an incorporated company run by Tiana McCallum, who is a Registered Nurse of 30 years.

Vital Signs Nurse Consulting will provide a comprehensive set of assessments, such as those to determine fall and skin integrity risks, medication issues, and cognitive functioning. It uses technology to communicate assessment results and educational content to its customers. It is the only business in Nova Scotia which has a target customer base of adult children who live outside of the province but whose elderly parent(s) remain in NS.

Here is what we offer:

  • Falls Risk Screening and Algorithm - objective factors determine the likeliness of a fall occurrence
  • Clinical Frailty Scale - scoring frailty with or without dementia; changes over time
  • Mini Mental State Exam (MMSE) & Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) - various cognitive challenges scored out of 30 to determine risks; will decrease with time
  • Pain Assessment Tool - to determine if in pain and/or if current pain control is adequate; may change over time
  • Braden Scale-objective score - to predict pressure sore risk
  • Geriatric Depression Scale - simple subjective feedback
  • Vital signs - blood pressure, pulse, temperature, O2 saturation
  • Medication review - check doses to confirm meds taken as prescribed
  • Foot Check for Diabetics - subjective assessment of foot health if no current foot care regimen in place
  • Environmental Assessment - subjective assessment of surroundings to determine potential areas of risk
  • Loneliness Scale - subjective assessment of the feeling of loneliness based on the UCLA Loneliness Scale

Ensuring that an elderly parent is safe and healthy provides an invaluable sense of reassurance, peace of mind, and lessened guilt to adult children who are unable to visit often. Our clients are in the so-called sandwich generation, taking care of young children at home and elderly parents. Women are most likely to have the burden of this duty. About one third of Atlantic Canadians move west as young adults to pursue careers in large centers like Toronto and Ottawa. This is twice the national average leaving thousands of seniors with at least one adult child living away. Factors like vacation time and financially issues effect the ability of travelling back home to check on the home situation.

The senior home care service industry is rapidly growing in Canada. Allowing seniors to age in place is trending as the elderly make up an increasing percent of the population, while concurrently there are longer wait times to get into assisted care. Nova Scotia has the highest percentage per Capita of seniors in Canada. The elderly comprise more than 43% of the health care services provided in N.S. The government, policy makers, communities, families and the elderly themselves are becoming more aware and placing more pressure on in-home health care.

Vital Signs Nurse Consulting differentiates itself from the rest of the market in three ways: being led and staffed by Registered Nurses only, targeting long-distance family situations, and providing independent assessments of home care services currently being used. These are voids in the traditional home health care service market.


  • The Problem

    Adult child worried about elder parent living at home

  • The Business

    Vital Signs Nurse Consulting performs health and wellness assessments

  • The Solution

    Report; Referral; Peace of mind