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Tiana McCallum has 30 years’ experience in the fields of nursing and education, much of it in the important field of health promotion. Her experience encompasses many aspects of health care: training, counselling, education, management, medical/surgical care and telephone triage. For the last several years she has been working in the demanding field of long-term care, where she honed her geriatric assessment skills.

Personal experience within her own family has provided much perspective and understanding as well:

  • Tiana has been the sole support person for her father, who went into a local LTC facility in March, 2018. Injuries from a bicycling accident, when a car collided with him, left him unable to continue to live alone safely. As an active 79 year old living in the vibrant city of Calgary, he was nonetheless negligent of his health. Upon transfer to a facility in Halifax where he could be close to Tiana, she organized foot care, dental appointments, hearing assessment, met with his social worker and nurses, and overall supported his transition to his new reality with patience and compassion.
  • Her 98-year-old great aunt fell down the stairs in her home in October 2018, leading to months of recovery in hospital. Tiana took on the support and transition-home role, as the regular care person was wintering in Mexico. For eight weeks, she provided almost daily care in the form of phone check-ins, trips to the doctor, lunch and grocery outings, arranging appointments and, most importantly, assessing the need for further interventions. After a small fall two weeks after discharge, Tiana correctly assessed that the wound was not healing well, took her great aunt to the doctor, and VON visits were immediately started. As well, she hired a homemaker to help two afternoons a week for meal prep and cleaning support, plus companionship during her great aunt’s frustration with recovery.

Tiana is a practising member of the Nova Scotia College of Nursing. She received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Dalhousie University, and later a Bachelor in Science of Health Education. Her nursing career evolved in a variety of health care settings in Connecticut, Toronto, Calgary and Halifax. She has effective interpersonal skills and a high level of organizational ability.

Tiana exudes friendliness and warmth, and easily establishes trusting relationships with patients and their family members, from all walks of life.